London’s Calling – 2018

London’s Calling was back for it’s third year, and was again a sell-out. We had some amazing sessions, and here’s your chance to see them again, or catch up if you missed them at the event.

Please note that not all sessions were recorded.

2018 Sessions

Whether it’s improving customer experience, enhancing user performance, or ensuring compliance; unlocking insights from your customer conversations is critical. Conversation Analyzer, NewVoiceMedia’s speech analytics solution, gives you an unparalleled view into your customers, prospects, and teams.

Join Darren Smith, SVP Sales Engineering, to learn how you can tap into those conversations, take action, and dramatically improve operations all within Salesforce!

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Darren Smith

Kenny Rogers just dropped in to find out what condition his condition was in. Thankfully Einstein has his mobile handy and uses it to differentiate Kenny’s measles from his prickly heat. Enough of hotdogs, let’s get real.

Using the Einstein Vision API we’ll create a custom, cross-platform, offline-enabled mobile app that can identify various skin conditions. We’ll look at Einstein models, training, REST API and using all this from an image capturing mobile device.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Todd Halfpenny Todd Halfpenny

GDPR is looming, but do we really know as SFDC developers / administrators or partners what real steps we should be taking?

There is a lot of documentation out there explaining what GDPR is, but it’s more difficult to understand how we should be designing SFDC solutions to be compliant.

This session will explain how to approach the new EU law concerning personal data processing (GDPR) in your Salesforce org. Cut through the misconceptions and myths, and hear about practical and pragmatic approaches.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 David Walshe

Platform Events opened the door to native event-driven software architecture. As developers and architects, we now need to rethink our applications’ architecture to take advantage of this new paradigm.

In this session I will present how Platform Events impact existing and new architectures. You will learn about new solutions for external system integrations, module and package decoupling and extending standard platform features.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Florian Hoehn Florian Hoehn

Salesforce Quick Actions and Global Actions are very useful and can be used in many different ways. Of course there are the basics of replacing URL hacks with Actions but they can now do so much more! From replacing Web to Lead and Web to Case in Communities, to showing key details and visual indicators to your users and all the way to building modular lightning pages! New features in Winter 18 and Spring 18 will be shown. You will definitely want to go back to your org and create a few Actions after this talk.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Jodie Miners Jodie Miners

Although Lightning has been around for several years, there are still many developers who primarily use Visualforce and Salesforce Classic to get things done. I know this because until recently I was one of them.

This talk is for developers out there who are looking to take their first steps into the world of Lightning, and want to know how effectively to make the transition. I will cover some of the practical lessons I learned while completing my first lightning project, and talk through creating components, working with JavaScript and SLDS, and the differences between the frameworks.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Christopher Lewis

Salesforce DX is transforming the way we customize orgs and build apps, but Salesforce has never asked developers or admins to use command line tools before.

In this session you’ll get a primer for the basics of command lines, how they work, and hands on demonstration of common and powerful commands and functions, along with a few Salesforce DX features that will benefit admins and developers alike. You’ll walk away ready to tackle any command line problem as you learn that if you’ve ever written a formula field, you can just as easily use a command line.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Peter Chittum Peter Chittum

Being offline needn’t mean being unproductive. In this session I’ll show how to use the Salesforce Mobile SDK with offline support to allow users to complete simple training modules regardless of whether they are on or offline. Put the commute to London to good use.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Keir Bowden Keir Bowden

With all the talk about Allies in Tech, some are still curious:

  • What does it mean?
  • How do you BE one?
  • What do I do?

IF you have these questions, then this session is for you!

We all work in a very diverse world and sometimes inadvertently do not put our best feet forward. This session will review inherent bias, where it comes from, and tactical ways to recognize and overcome our biases to be better allies to all of those around us. You’ll leave this session with a few working tactics to take back to your own environments.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Angela Mahoney

Pardot or Marketing Cloud? The choice isn’t as simple as B2B or B2C.

Join Salesforce marketing experts and MVPs Chris Zullo and Stephanie Foerst as they explain the differences (and similarities!) between Salesforce’s marketing tools as they go head to head in duelling marketing content creation.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Chris Zullo Chris Zullo Stephanie Foerst

This session is for any Salesforce Admin who appreciates the power of custom page layouts in Classic and is excited to learn the possibilities in Lightning Experience.

Let’s open an investigation into page layouts in Lightning Experience, inspecting the source for each panel and component to ensure that we’re making the most of new features, and still leveraging the work already done in Classic.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Kristi Guzman

Training very often falls to the Salesforce Admin to deliver, but we may not all be experienced or natural teachers.

In this session I will talk through why well planned and delivered training will lead to higher levels of user adoption and I will provide guidance for new admins, or those new to training, in how to plan and deliver successful end-user training.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Louise Lockie

Stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes, levels of ability, and have different motivations in the context of a Salesforce implementation.

Handling this madness is key to successful implementation. Learn how to quantifiably say ‘no’, how to deal with tricky stakeholders at any level up to CEO, and come out the other end with a great result – with recent examples from my experience.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Neil Procter Neil Procter

What happens when you finding yourself taking a leap for what you think is a great opportunity and the landscape changes multiple times? Do you freak out or embrace the change? Does the thought of making large changes fill you with anxiety? Large changes have always made me anxious but after making a series of them and ending up in a place that was not ideal for me, I took control and opted to stop, reflect and decide on a new path.

Come on my journey and see how my time out helped me find perspective and a new path.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Jodi Wagner

Apps like DreamHouse or Pure Aloe are great showcases of what you can do as a developer by connecting several bits of the Lightning Platform. Base Lightning Components, Platform Events, Heroku, Salesforce DX, and others are just some of the examples of what you can and should use.

Let’s dive together into the world of connecting those bits. Lots of code will be shown – and maybe also a wig.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 René Winkelmeyer René Winkelmeyer

Do you have a legacy Salesforce instance built in classic that you’d like to migrate to Lightning? And do you wish somebody told you what (potentially costly) mistakes to avoid and ensure stability and robustness?

I will walk you through tips, tricks and strategies acquired from real-world migration projects.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Anup Jadhav Anup Jadhav

Working in tech we are being bombarded with claims about AI. There are many conflicting views. Will we be living in utopia or become extinct as the movies would have us believe.

In this short sharp thought provoking session we will step through some of the recent commentary and Emma will share her thoughts from across industries to inspire you to form yours.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend Emma Kendrew

When a sales team is commissioned to hit tough targets their admin responsibilities might be the last thing on their mind. The customer journey from sale to invoicing and account management can get affected. I’ll talk through how Implementing Salesforce CPQ and DocuSign brought visibility and control to internal processes and the lessons we learnt.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Amanda Beard-Neilson

In today’s world of multiple best-of-breed SaaS apps, everyone understands that integration is a critical box on the IT checklist. But what has to be considered in your integration approach that will help drive your overall success? Integration is a funny thing: In a perfect world, no one knows about it. No one talks about it. But everyone reaps its benefits. Done correctly it provides incredible upsides to the entire project, but if done poorly can herald the destruction of a project just as quickly.

This is for anyone who has questions or wants to share experience around data integration.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Steve Thornhill

Data and application silos create process inefficiencies from lead generation to revenue management, and have a definitive impact on the customer experience. Many businesses today are looking for an “all-in-one” solution for their business apps. They understand Salesforce has the potential to become a fully integrated, comprehensive, cloud-based business solution to manage their complete Lead-2-Cash and Procure-2-Pay processes.

We’ll look at steps to transform finance and accounting on the Salesforce platform to: Accelerate business processes by avoiding the need to re-key data. Gain a complete 360 degree visibility into your business. Real time analytics for faster decision making.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Bash Din

Your employees are consumers too—they fly on JetBlue, ride in Ubers, they shop on Amazon, they stay at high-end hotel chains and pay with American Express. On a regular basis, they’re interacting with companies that deliver some of the best customer experiences. But when they come to work, do they find the same levels of excellence from your service desk?

In this session you will learn how to: Deliver service to every employee through one service desk. Extends beyond IT to support all business departments. Gain ITSM and CMDB functionality out of the box from with Salesforce

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Patrick Knoope Hamza Abib

If it’s not in Salesforce it doesn’t exist” — right?


With thousands of new SaaS applications popping up, not to mention GDPR sensitive data, API-enabled services, on-premise systems, databases, excel spreadsheets, custom applications, mobile apps, etc., business-critical data is everywhere and much of it is invisible to Salesforce. By connecting Salesforce intelligently with thousands of applications and data sources, hear how an eiPaaS solution can quickly make Salesforce the centre of your new digital ecosystem, and make Salesforce data great again.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Simon Peel

User Experience Design Presentation for BA’s, IC’s, TC’s and everyone. Showing how everyone using Salesforce can employ a user centred UX/UI approach to all aspects of Salesforce config/development from internal orgs to enterprise level applications which can lead to real business value and change, from increasing customer bases, reducing inefficiency and increasing revenue through simple easy changes everyone can make.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Douglas Squires

Many admins have made custom metadata records to configure apps written by devs, but some have gone further—creating types as part of their own low/no code solutions.

We’ll talk about some ways people are doing this today and then dive into our plans for the future of code-free custom metadata use.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Avrom Roy-Faderman Carolyn Grabill

JLINC Labs has launched the “JLINC Contacts” Salesforce app to allow admins and developers to have a simple solution for the difficult problem of GDPR personal data permissioning. You can now give your customer the ability to edit and update their personal data in the Contact object within your CRM.

JLINC Contacts enables you to tackle some difficult GDPR requirements, including:

  1. Transparent Consent
  2. Data Use Notification
  3. Data Rectification
  4. Right of Erasure
  5. Data Portability
  6. User Control over 3rd Party Data Sharing.

JLINC builds data quality and trust.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Giles Watkins

Data quality remains the biggest challenge Salesforce users are facing, and with the threat of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fast approaching, there has never been a more important time to put data management at the top of your CRM strategy. By leveraging data management tools for two of your high-risk systems – Salesforce and email – you can seamlessly discover, control and protect personally identifiable data to comply with the GDPR.

Join Guy Rubin, Ebsta’s CEO, for practical steps on how to get your Salesforce ready for GDPR and a new era of customer experience.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Guy Rubin

Alexa for Business launched on November 30, 2017, and it’s a great example of a VUI (Voice User Interface) that can be used with Salesforce.

Come see the power of APIs, Platform Events, Workflows, Lightning, and more user to deeply integrate Amazon Echo devices with Salesforce.

Join us to see how to integrate Salesforce with Alexa for Busines using a VUI on Amazon Echo devices.

This talk will don?t go into he details of Lambda, Echo Skills, and more from AWS, along with many Salesforce Lightning Platform technologies.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Skip Sauls Skip Sauls

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, she’s a wildly famous professional organiser and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But how does Marie Kondo relate to your Salesforce org? In the same way that she tells you to get rid of things that don’t spark joy, you should remove metadata from your Salesforce org that is no longer needed.

In this session, you’ll learn how to create an action plan that includes finding the places in your org to audit, how to communicate to stakeholders, and how to safely delete metadata.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Julia Doctoroff

If you’re an Einstein Analytics beginner join this session to learn how you with simple considerations and tricks can make your dashboard interactive and tell a story.

We’ll cover three areas that will improve any dashboard from a standard flat dashboard to a highly interactive dashboard that drives decisions:

  • Design and navigation; make the data story clear by targeting the content and using all tools available in the dashboard designer
  • Filter and selection options; prepare the dashboard for questions your users will ask
  • Complex calculations without code; compare tables can make calculations easy but still be nice to look at.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Rikke Hovgaard Rikke Hovgaard

Many companies have some data or wish to access data on Public Clouds, or even databases on-premise that can’t be replicated due to regulations restrictions. Using Salesforce Connect and the oData Protocol this is absolutely possible with almost no code.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Esteve Graells Esteve Graells

Humanoid Robots with high level human interaction skills are already tackling real challenges across industries. For retailers, robots will play an important role in the Customer Experience by interacting on a personal level with customers, suggesting items, assisting customer service teams, and enhancing the in-store shopping experience. We’ll learn about robots available on the market, that can connect with Salesforce features like Einstein for customer recognition, interaction, and product recommendation, Sales Cloud or E-commerce for sales engagement, or Chatbots for customer service. We’ll learn about creating a robotic extension of sales teams that can be deployed to clients using SFDC.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Filipe Freitas

In Salesforce, trust is #1.

Be aligned with this philosophy and come to my session. Learn how to prevent important security issues in order that our applications are secure. Prepare your applications to pass Salesforce Security Review and make your customers confident and happy. Enforce Object, Record and Field level security correctly. Fight against the feared SOQL injection and XSS, prevent Open Redirect and CSRF attacks, avoid clickjacking techniques from being successful.

Protect your applications and become a security Superman!

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Alba Rivas Alba Rivas

Always wondered what Pardot’s about? Not sure where to start with online documentation?

Wonder no longer!

This interactive workshop will take you through the basics of what Pardot is used for and how it works with Salesforce (including the planned move to native app), and get you playing around with the functionality to build an automated marketing program.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Jess Pyne

Imagine you can search other systems for data and get results straight in the Salesforce. And when you find what you need you might be able to click and get to the target system. All of it is already included in the price you pay for licences. Cool? You bet.

In this session ‘ll show how federated search works, how easy it is to set up, how to update external systems to support OpenSearch format and how you can use Google if you are unable to change the structure on external websites.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Martin Humpolec Martin Humpolec

Field Service Lightning is built standard on the Customer Success Platform, and delivers intelligent scheduling & optimisation, real-time access to information in the field regardless of connectivity via a dedicated mobile app, tracking of parts & inventory consumed and visibility into resource productivity.

Capgemini’s Field Service Lightning Accelerator enhances and extends the solution. It is based on vast global field service experiences across an array of industries. It utilises Capgemini’s partner status to create a true accelerator and focusses on three key areas: Parts, Entitlements and Work Orders/Contracts.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Lewis Robinson

There are many ways to help make Salesforce projects successful, but its surprising how often we do not heed best practice, advice, lessons learned or even our intuition in the face of meeting a project delivery.

This talk covers some key soundbites across the development process that will help keep your Salesforce projects on track for a successful delivery.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Paul Harris

With GDPR looming everyone should be aware of it’s impact and how to mange its consequences.

This session will be split into two parts, with Yasmine giving an overview of the legal ramifications the new regulations have. Followed by Conor who will talk about how the platform can help you comply with them. So come along and hear from Salesforce themselves how best to approach this important new regulation.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Yasmine Charafeddine Conor Lawlor

Always wanted to include dynamically generated visual charts into PDF reports without limitations or fearing they’ll not be rendered right? When building a stand-alone lightning application or VisualForce page, we can embed a visual chart using Google Charts, HighCharts or ChartJS API services.

In this session, you will learn how to embed dynamically generated charts into lightning components and Visualforce pages and then convert them into downloadable PDF reports by overcoming the limitations of SVG rendering failure on the standard Salesforce PDF engine.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Sahan Perera Sahan Perera

Lightning Data Service is a new powerful service that will let you create new Components lightning fast.

Forget about Apex and SOQL, and let the framework do all the querying job for you. Fields values, CRUD and DML operations, everything is now brought to you by magic !

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Fabien Taillon Fabien Taillon

As a Lightning Developer, you’re probably spending a good portion of your time troubleshooting component issues. Want some tips to make debugging easier?

  • Categorizing Lightning Component issues
  • Developing Your Debugging “Flow”
  • Demonstrating Available Tools
  • Tips for Debugging CSS Styling Issues
  • Tips for Troubleshooting JavaScript Issues
  • Tips for Troubleshooting “Actions” and Server Side Issues

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Photo of Mike Topalovich Mike Topalovich

How can Apex Promises save your life? Sometimes you can spend hours thinking how to resolve a difficult scenario when you need to implement asynchronous functions.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Luciana Cavalieri Alan Jackson

Would you like to know the secret formula for solving troubleshooting Salesforce/IT issues quickly every time, without fail?

This talk reveals 10 simple techniques to make you look like a troubleshooting genius, time after time!

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Leon Crisp Leon Crisp

Welcome to Lightning Experience, the modern, beautiful user experience from Salesforce.

In this one hour workshop we will take you through the steps to create a Lightning component from scratch, make a call to the server and update the component from the response. You will then use the Lightning Data Service to build a complete custom form without using Apex code.

Before you attend please make sure you have a working org ready to use with My Domain enabled.

To register a new developer org go to

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Daniel Nicholson

Salesforce Chief Product Officer Bret Taylor and his leadership team spent seven days in seven cities asking what matters most to you. Join this session to hear what we discovered and learn more about the product priorities your feedback influenced.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Karen Mangia

In this session we are going to build a Heroku app and a Lightning Component, integrate them with Platform Events, hopefully make a callout and return a response – all live!

We have limited time, we have a set of requirements and we will build out the solution. Join us to see how some of the decisions are made, common pitfalls and areas to avoid and help to debug things when they inevitably go wrong.

Ran on: 16th February 2018 Paul Battisson Paul Battisson