London’s Calling – 2023

We held the 8th edition of London’s Calling on the 9th June 2023 at The Brewery in London.

As with previous years we once again hit record ticket sales. And following on from the success in 2022 we continued with the support to Pay it Forward… did you ever wish you could attend an event like London’s Calling but couldn’t justify the cost or have your employer cover the bill? This is still the case for many and it means they miss out on a day of opportunity and future career potential.

2023 Sessions

Slack – the most expensive Salesforce acquisition and at the same time considered just as a chat tool by most people.
Why it might be interesting for Salesforce folks, how we can utilize it and what extra services we can offer to its customers?
Let’s find out more during this Lighting fast talk.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Martin Humpolec Martin Humpolec

The foundation of Salesforce is the Data Model; get it right and you’re sure to delight your users. With the introduction of Data Cloud, we have a whole new set of techniques available to add to traditional sObject modelling.

In this session we focus on the techniques and patterns to take an organisation’s data taxonomy and align it with sObjects and the big data lakehouse (Data Cloud). How can we combine these two powerful data modelling patterns in our Architectures?


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Kevin White Kevin White

User Stories are used to pass business requirements from stakeholders to developers, who implement them in the application . But how good are we – awesome Admins and Developers – at understanding what the Story is telling us? In this interactive session we will analyse a sample User Story to see whether we understand it in the same way. We will also learn what makes a good Story, so that you can apply this knowledge in practice.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Paweł Dobrzynski Pawel Dobrzynski

Tools are to save time, and the time you save can be invested in other initiatives to grow the business.
Marketing Cloud has very powerful REST APIs available. These APIs allow you to access the metadata. You can use these APIs to build tools like a metadata backup tool, a deployment tool to push the metadata from one instance to another, or another BU in no time and 100 other tools. Let’s see how easy it is to build the custom tools and how it saves 80% of the manual time.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Bhawani Sharma

Join this session to learn about the Evolution of Vlocity into Salesforce Industries (SFI), its role in industry sectors growth, cost savings for customers and the various Industry Clouds encompassed within SFI. Discover how SFI is driving Salesforce’s shift towards becoming a more customer-centric and industry-focused CRM by having prebuilt industry-specific solutions (Telecom, Energy & Utilities, Public Sector, Consumer Goods etc) that fits the business’ needs, as opposed to building from the ground up.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Rohit Kataria Rohit Kataria

In this lightning session we will cover how you can use Data Cloud to ingest, harmonize, and analyze your data.
We will have a special live demo setting up one of our connectors.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Danielle Larregui Danielle Larregui

Over the first half of the year, Generative AI has taken the tech world by storm. Join me to learn all about Einstein GPT,  its latest capabilities, and how developers will be able to use the technology to build their own AI powered applications on Salesforce. We will take a look at some of the code behind the scenes and get in-depth about how it works.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Stephan Chandler-Garcia Stephan Chandler-Garcia

Using Lightning Data Service is great in LWC, getting record data in just a few lines of code without having to write Apex, Test Class, be sure that Field Level Security is checked etc… But you quickly hit a limit, as soon as you want to get more specific data, applying filters or getting relationships, you need to go back to Apex. Not anymore! With the GraphQL Wire Adapter you’ll be able to query Salesforce data right from your LWC without writing a single line of Apex. Let’s have a look!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Fabien Taillon Fabien Taillon

This year we have decided to shake up our format. As a team, we’ve been through some tough times and the beginning of this year has proved to be a challenging space for many of us in the ecosystem.

Time to lighten the load on our souls and give everyone a chance to relax and have a laugh. We are delighted to announce that our Headline Act for 2023 will be a famous comedian, Mark Watson.

Mark is an Edinburgh Festival Award Winner and Time Out Critic’s Choice, his recent TV credits include QI (BBC2) Taskmaster (Dave) and Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island (Channel 4).

Mark has been the face of shows such as BBC Four’s We Need Answers and BBC Radio 4’s Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better. He has also appeared on Mock The Week, Celebrity Pointless, Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You?, Live At The Apollo and Channel 4’s Comedy Gala.

What better way to finish off a content rich day and get us in the mood for a party than a belly full of laughter brought to you by an award winning Comedian.

Ran on: 9th June 2023 Marc Watson Mark Watson

Are you looking to streamline your business processes and empower your admins to build and automate? Look no further than Flow Triggers. Join us in this session as we explore building flow triggers, the use of flow orchestration and learn about performance, best practices and useful tips.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Ashwin Kumar Srinivasan Ashwin Kumar Srinivasan

Get ready to rollup your sleeves and open your mind! In this workshop we will cover 6 simple principles to inform our designs and craft potential solutions in a way that works. These principles are everywhere, you’ll gain HD glasses to spot them and apply them for any design. So we can leave ‘the place better than how we found it’.
From practical ideas you can implement, review concepts such as Redundancy and their role to play, to how it can work within YOUR context.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Ines Garcia Ines Garcia

The Code Analyser PMD was widely adopted in the Salesforce ecosystem. Since the presenter of this session ported it from Java to Apex in 2016, all relevant tools have integrated PMD and most developers use it every day to enforce quality and security in their Apex code. Only a few know how to easily adapt and extend PMD. In this very practical session, you will learn how to customize rulesets and create your own rules for Apex and any other Salesforce metadata. Without code and within minutes.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Robert Sosemann Robert Sösemann

This session will help you understand the architectural process required to provide your stakeholders with actionable analytics that can drive the business forward. We will examine data models and sources, reporting tools and processes, resources, access policies and delivery methods. Prepare yourself and your organization for the full analytics lifecycle. We will use a custom commission reporting solution as a live demo.



Ran on: 9th June 2023 Aaron Crear Aaron Crear

Discover 10 ways to stand out from the crowd and future-proof your Salesforce career. From your resume and personal branding, to becoming a specialist or getting involved in the Salesforce Community, we’ll cover multiple ways to skill-up and become a sought after Salesforce Professional.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Christine Marshall

An introduction to source control using Git for non-coders. Admins will learn the benefits of source control for all types of metadata and gain an introduction to Salesforce DevOps.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Rob Cowell Rob Cowell

Salesforce DevOps Center (DOC) is the free replacement for Change Sets. Every customer should be migrating to DOC, but the lack of awareness of the potential and a fear of making the change is slowing adoption. This is hugely wasteful as DevOps Center is dramatically faster and more rigorous than Change Sets. But DOC enables a more rigorous and efficient dev cycle, and this means change. This entertaining session sets out the key steps to a successful implementation.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Adrian King Adrian King

Your Apex triggers are probably wrong.

When starting on Salesforce, developers think that they can carry on the same design patterns from the outside. It takes years to realise that this doesn’t work, causing poor user experience and crashes. My new (fictional) colleague keeps making these mistakes.

Together we’ll look at some common Apex trigger bad practices and discover how to write fast, efficient automation in your org. Is there any fantastically bad automation in your own code?


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Amnon Kruvi Amnon Kruvi

All too often, people rely on gut instincts when requesting new reports. Join me as we look at how to transform decision-making using the data you already have to identify patterns impacting your goals. We can then use these insights to build actionable analytics with CRM Analytics and spot opportunities to change business behaviour. By focusing your efforts on things that genuinely affect your business, you can use data to drive its success without leaving Salesforce.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Chris Taylor Chris Taylor

After interviewing and working with many Salesforce Architects over the years I’ve learnt a lot about what makes architects tick. From effective communication and problem-solving soft skills to a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and its capabilities, you will learn the key traits and practices that set successful Salesforce Architects apart. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and strategies to improve your own performance as a Salesforce Architect.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Francis Pindar Francis Pindar

With so many different products, certifications and opinions, it’s hard to figure out where to start or where to go next!

Spoiler alert – there is no one size fits all answer.

In this session, we’ll try to cut through the noise and highlight different options so you can get closer to your Salesforce ikigai (or that sweet spot where you are needed, useful and passionate). It can be a long and winding road full of unexpected twists, but you will get there!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Vicki Moritz-Henry Vicki Moritz-Henry

Consent management is a fundamental part of every marketing solution that you must manage very carefully. With Salesforce Consent Management framework, you would be able to build a scalable and flexible model that suits your own business use cases. In this presentation, I am going to show you how we can incorporate the consent management objects in Salesforce Core Cloud into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I will also share a demo how consent status is synchronised and stored in different clouds.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Wilson Gong Wilson Gong

Permissions are going to move from the profile to the permission set. This session breaks down how to manage this transition at scale. We will review a scaleable model and discuss how to implement it.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Mike Reynolds Mike Reynolds

Saving a record on the Salesforce platform takes your data on what can be a complex journey to finally end up persisted in the Salesforce database – involving as it does the interaction of the automation tools you know and love. In this session we’ll take a look at this journey – the so called Save Order of Execution.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Simon Connock Simon Connock

Congratulations on the implementation of Salesforce for your company.
Now for the real work to begin of juggling everyday tasks, refereeing competing enhancement requests and remembering to action general Org maintenance.
I’ll talk about how you can transform from chaotic Accidental Admin mode into living with your implementation by creating a Centre of Excellence and realising a real return on investment for your Salesforce instance.

Ran on: 9th June 2023 Amanda Beard-Neilson

Everyone should be aware of how to get into the minds of the user and understand their point of view. This is a unique interactive session where you will learn how to use empathy and imagination to convert user expectations into requirements. Learn how archetypes, journey maps and contextual inquiry are used within the design process to build engaging and intuitive user experiences.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Oliver Scofield Oliver Scofield

Solution Architects do more than suggest and build solutions. They are thought leaders that act as Trusted Advisors and need to be able to communicate with customers all the way up to c-level. Join me to understand what needs to be considered to make a solution viable and the key skills every Solution Architect should be equipped with.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Tom Bassett Tom Bassett

Are you interested in starting a career in B2C Commerce Cloud? It’s different from other Salesforce products, and figuring out where to start can be tricky. But don’t worry, we have the answers for you! Join us for this talk and learn how to gain experience and how to find the right role. We’ll also share tips and tricks to make your journey a success! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your career in B2C Commerce Cloud!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Thomas Theunen Thomas Theunen

To gain backing from decision makers, a Salesforce professional must describe a story that is clear, concise, and focused on the things that matter to stakeholders in order to gain their support to proceed.

In this presentation I will take you deeper into the diagramming techniques that I use, showing you the preparations I make before presenting and how I tailor them to technical, legal, and executive stakeholders so that I am ready for their questions and they leave informed and confident.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Matthew Morris Matthew Morris

Salesforce and Pardot work so well together it’s almost like they were made for each other!

But to get the full benefit of them both it’s important to know how they interact with each other. Whether you are a Salesforce admin or a Pardot expert this session will show you how you can make the most of the connection Salesforce and Pardot have.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Nathaniel Sombu Nathaniel Sombu

Badly written user stories inject ambiguity into Salesforce projects and can make them go off track. While everyone generally understands the “I want… so that…” format, most are not clear on how to write EFFECTIVE user stories — The kinds of user stories that turn into the backbone of a project throughout the implementation lifecycle. Find out how to write the user stories that businesses AND dev teams love in order to drive project success.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Vanessa Grant Vanessa Grant

Learn how you can extend the core capabilities of DevOps Center pipelines by integrating issue tracking, static code analysis, and unit and functional tests while gathering results into a central quality hub all within Salesforce. Analyse your deployments in new ways to learn how to measure quality, report current and historical test coverage, and define quality scores across each environment.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Richard Clark Richard Clark Samuel Arroyo Samuel Arroyo

Flow Builder is the future of Salesforce automation! Do you have a strategy for your migration? Already have one but not sure if you’ve covered everything? This session is for you! Using real-life examples we’ll go through everything you need to create a flawless strategy to migrate Workflow Rules and Process Builders to Flow. With best practices and considerations, this session will ensure you create a migration framework that avoids technical debt. The future is now, don’t get left behind!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Andrew Cook Andrew Cook

Running End-to-End (E2E) tests and maintaining them is complex. Join my session and learn about the UI Test Automation Model (UTAM). UTAM is an Open Source solution built by Salesforce that lets you run UI tests on any kind of app with an easy to maintain structure. We’ll walk you through a practical example with a Salesforce app and you’ll learn about the key features and tools that make UTAM a game changer for E2E testing.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Philippe Ozil Philippe Ozil

You will learn what are the 5 important things you should know about MuleSoft as a Salesforce Dev. We will focus on no-code tools and capabilities that’ll make Salesforce integration with MuleSoft seamless.
We shall learn about API-led connectivity, the application network with simple examples, and real-life use cases. We will also explore how we can benefit from leveraging the capabilities of MuleSoft & Salesforce’s Customer 360.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Akshata Sawant Akshata Sawant

Discover the key items to review when assessing a new client’s Salesforce org. From data quality to process automation, learn what to focus on for a comprehensive first look.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Kathy Waterworth Kathy Waterworth

Pair programming is a software development technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation. One, the driver, writes code while the other, the observer. Why search for a partner where AI can assist developers in writing code based on their intent,

GitHub copilot is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI is described as an AI pair programmer that assists users of Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrian (IDEs) by autocompleting code.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Ashutosh Pradhan Ashutosh Pradhan

Do you ever wonder how some people get so much done and still seem to have a life outside of work!? I’ve been researching and testing a number of different ways to be more productive in both my home and work life. You’ll be surprised to see how a few habitual changes can have a very positive impact. From admin to architect, join me as I take you through 5 productivity hacks that actually work!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Beth Clements Beth Clements

Whether admin, architect or anywhere in between, how do you offer solutions that are not only feasible – yes it can be done, viable – yes its within budget, but also desirable. Achieving the ultimate goal, of excellent user engagement. Building with desire, managing projects with desire, solving customer requirements that are desirable to use. Come along and find out!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Tracy Bingham Tracy Bingham Emma Keeling Emma Keeling

Net Zero Cloud is one of Salesforces fastest growing organic products that continues to amaze the ecosystem with rapid innovation. Independently voted the leading Sustainability Management Software, everyone should be embracing NZC to catalyse a decarbonised future within our business, our industry, and our planet. We will talk about factors driving the Net Zero Imperative in the UK and Europe and how our community can be at the centre of this sustainable revolution.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Karman Singh Karman Singh

In the beginning, programs were simple. They ran in one place, step by step. Sure, we had bugs. But, through engineering, we found ways to tame them. Then we started running things in parallel. The programs went fast, but they went wrong fast. We discovered new kinds of parallel bugs that tortured our human brains.

Salesforce does a great job of letting us pretend to live in a single-threaded world. But when should we build event-based asynchronous systems? And how can we get them right?


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Aidan Harding Aidan Harding

Work with CTAs to understand how to break down and solution a business scenario. In this session we will get hands-on and work through a small business scenario used for CTA review board preparation. We will cover important architectural topics and considerations. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of how to approach architecting solutions and what constitutes an optimal solution.



Behind every great woman… is another great woman.
Join a discussion with female CTAs on who inspired them, how they are paying this forward and which advise they have for aspiring female architects.



A few months ago, Salesforce celebrated 10 Million AppExchange Installs. Did you participate in this milestone only from an end-user perspective? Let’s change it! It’s the best moment to learn what it takes to build and publish an app. Maybe you are Salesforce Developer looking for a new way to master your technical skills or already a Solopreneur with a million-dollar idea? This session will show you that publishing your app on AppExchange is easier than you think!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Jakub Stefaniak Jakub Stefaniak

Join Lee, a Salesforce consultant and productivity enthusiast, as he demonstrates some classic and up-and-coming tools to help make light work of repetitive tasks and do more with less time in Salesforce. Expect tools, Chrome Extensions and more…


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Lee Palmer Lee Palmer

Thinking about the possibilities available with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is exciting – but sometimes overwhelming for SMB. Are you struggling with how to get started, or feeling like you’re not using Pardot to its fullest potential? If so, this session is for you!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Laura Curtis Laura Curtis

There’s a lot on offer for nonprofits beyond 10 free licenses, but not all of it is well known. Through our work from two complementary angles, we’ve put together key resources and tips which can help you get the most out of Salesforce. From free training to personal development, this will cover what we’ve learnt and there’ll be advice for people throughout an organisation. After this session, you’ll be equipped to accelerate your Salesforce journey in order to achieve your charity’s mission.



It’s official: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the #1 Marketing Platform! *

But being #1 is not being perfect…
So let’s kick this out and see how to easily increase and extend the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

In this session, you will discover a selection of solutions -AppExchange apps or external solutions- that integrate with Marketing Cloud to leverage the power of your platform.

* based on research publications from IDC, Gartner and Forrester


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Cyril Louis Cyril Louis

Pardot is full of features that can help you personalise different types of experiences within the tool. From Dynamic Content to HML to Snippets — these features lean on the strong connection between Salesforce and Pardot (data) to power these functions. What happens when the data fails you or these features don’t play along with one another?

Join us for this discussion about personalisation in Pardot. We will focus on use cases where these features could fail AND how to prevent them.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Richard Feist Richard Feist Nathalie Coles Nathalie Coles

DevOps can transform your Salesforce release process, but if your team aren’t all on the same page it can slow you down rather than speed you up. Culture is crucial to successful DevOps adoption – but where should you start?


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Charlotte Christopherson Charlotte Christopherson

Are you placing too much emphasis on your job/career improvement and feeling burned out? Is this making you experience stress on a regular basis and creating work-family conflict? Join this session and learn the simple techniques that help to maintain your competitive edge at work while also nurturing a healthy personal life.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Vidhya Nagendran Vidhya Nagendran

With Flow increasingly at the heart of Salesforce’s declarative automation, skilling up in Flow is heralded as a good investment of time and energy.

As an admin from a non-technical background, getting to grips with Flow may be daunting and overwhelming. It certainly was for me.

In this presentation I will share some of my top tips on how to embrace and master the art of Flow without overwhelm, helping to make Flow accessible to all, irrespective of your background.

Ran on: 9th June 2023 Claire Wingate Claire Wingate

Do you sometimes struggle with stakeholders? Do you want to learn the art of managing them and staying true to product strategy? Understanding our coworkers allows us to be more customer-focused, tailor our communication style, and as a result, develop Salesforce solutions that meet needs.

Let’s look at the stakeholder archetypes and develop great Salesforce products!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Barbara Laskowska Barbara Laskowska

As a Salesforce #AwesomeAdmin you may be a bit hesitant about the coding side of the Platform. Chances are, you already know a ton about writing code and haven’t even realized it! Join this session to learn more about Apex Basics in Admin terms and find out how utilizing functionality such as Objects, Fields, Formulas, Flows, Workflow Rules, and Processes are just a small step away from writing Apex! Help make yourself more valuable to both your current company and any future role you may take.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Adam Olshansky Adam Olshansky

In this session we will cover the programming languages available on the Marketing Cloud Platform and how to use them.
We will explore AMPscript, SSJS, GTL, SQL, and more.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Danielle Larregui Danielle Larregui

Marketing Cloud is an amazing platform, being endlessly customisable. As a marketing tool though, it can be awfully tough to use for marketers! Having to learn SQL for anything beyond the most basic of segmentations can be discouraging and limit an organisation’s full use of the tool. So have a look at data setup recommendations, bespoke AppExchange solutions or even just simple OOTB tools to make segmentation by marketers a little less daunting, and in turn a lot more efficient!


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Lino Crelier Lino Crelier

Your unit tests have 100% coverage, so quality is assured. Or is it? Mutation testing adds bugs to your code and verifies that your tests detect them. In this session I’ll cover the underlying concepts, how mutation testing works in practice and the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. I’ll also demonstrate a Salesforce CLI plug-in to easily add mutation testing to your Salesforce projects.


Ran on: 9th June 2023 Keir Bowden Keir Bowden