London’s Calling – 2019

London’s Calling was back for it’s fourth year, and was again a sell-out. We had some amazing sessions, as listed here. Check back soon as we’ll be adding the videos to all the sessions that were recorded.

Please note that not all sessions were recorded.

2019 Sessions

For efficiency, we often see team members working in multiple locations.

So how does a manager achieve a high performing team?
I’ll talk about the challenges faced for keeping these teams on track, including cultural sensitivities, relationships building and effective communications.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Amanda Beard-Neilson

Combine the power of Social Studio’s listening with Service Cloud’s case management capabilities to create a unified and consistent customer experience. Social compliments service, it doesn’t replace it. See how and learn tips for optimising your social customer service.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Chris Zullo Chris Zullo

This session walks you through a journey of ramping up on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, from understanding the various offerings, writing your first ‘Hello World’ app to walking through the best practices of building highly scalable and user-friendly eCommerce sites on the Salesforce platform!

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Gaurav Kheterpal Gaurav Kheterpal

Does version control make you think of blinking cursors and command lines? There is another way!

Join Kevin as he cuts through the jargon and learn how to harness the power of git to revolutionise your release management.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Kevin Boyle

If you’re a Senior Developer or Administrator, you may find yourself working in an Architect’s role to design or validate solutions.

This talk provides 5 key tools every Architect should have in their locker to design a robust, scalable solution on

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Kevin White Kevin White

More and more businesses are purchasing Pardot, so what do you need to know as a Salesforce Admin?

Learn how it works, data considerations you need to be aware of, common troubleshooting issues, and everything you’ll be asked if your org is integrated with Pardot.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Jess Pyne

As adoption of the Lightning Experience increases, more business logic is making its way to the front end, often requiring considerable testing effort after a release.

In this session I’ll show how much of the mundane testing activities can be automated using Selenium controlled by a Node.js script.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Keir Bowden Keir Bowden

SOQL queries are a great way for Admins to easily and quickly access, analyse, and manipulate their Salesforce data.

Join me as I show you how to apply your knowledge of report builder filters and formulas to help you write SOQL queries.You’ll come away with a whole new way of accessing your data and an understanding of how this will save you valuable time, as well as maximising your skillset.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Louise Lockie

You’ve built an awesome feature or fixed a nasty bug, but now you have to it in to production. Put down that change set, there is a better way.

You might think that setting up CI is too hard, well today you will learn just how easy it is, and how much it can speed up your development lifecycle!

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Mick Wheeler

User Adoption. It’s something that every company wants when they implement Salesforce. Yet it’s so often an afterthought.

What if you could build adoption into your Salesforce from the start?

Well, you can with these 5 principles.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Nathaniel Sombu Nathaniel Sombu

Machine Learning and AI are all the rage, but like most developers, you are probably wondering – how does it all work? When does something stop being basic statistics and start being AI? When should I use AI/ML?

In this session we will cover all this and more to make you as smart as Einstein!

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Paul Battisson Paul Battisson

SalesforceDX is changing the way we develop and deploy and affects both end customers and ISVs alike.

In this session we will cover an overview of SFDX, summarise options for packaging, and demo how to implement a continuous delivery pipeline including test automation.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Richard Clark Richard Clark

Are you interested in Einstein Analytics but don’t know where to start?

Join this workshop to get an overview of the platform and get your hands dirty building your first dataset and dashboard. You will leave the workshop understanding the basics of Einstein Analytics as well as some of the possibilities of the more advanced features.

You’ll need to bring your laptop and have a shiny new dev org for this workshop!
Get your dev org here:

Please ensure you bring your laptop and have you dev org created prior to attending.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Photo of Rikke Hovgaard Rikke Hovgaard

Writing Formulas can be a little intimidating, but they don’t need to be overly complex to be powerful.

Join us for a session packed with simple, yet powerful formulas, tips & tricks. These simple “plug & play” formulas will make you an Admin Super Hero*.

*cape not included

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Steve Molis

Having built bespoke content recommendation engines for clients like Just Eat, William McMahon will take the audience through a deep dive look into Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how to leverage existing platform capabilities to make automated marketing simple, responsive and human.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 William McMahon

Ever feel like others are getting all the recognition, while you’re doing all the work? Maybe it’s time to give your personal brand a checkup.

In this session Salesforce Customer Success Group’s head of communications, Stacey Torman, will help you understand the best way to create and build your brand within your company and the industry to best reflect your authentic, compelling presence.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Stacey Torman

An Admin’s architecture guide to driving a successful Salesforce implementation. How to start any project on the right foot by walking through the idea to production.

We will cover process mapping to delivery from governance perspective while discussing pitfalls around design decisions and security.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Barry Roberts

Taking a look at MuleSoft’s vision for an Application Network. Guiding you through the process of building your own, from Design, to Build, to Deployment. Showing the tools that MuleSoft provides to get you there.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Connor Parkin

If you enjoy using process builder in Salesforce, you’re well on your way to understanding the logic of Apex Code.

In this session, we’ll do a demo of the similarities and differences between process builder and Apex triggers. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what Apex code is, why someone might design a solution that includes code, and get inspired to start on your own coding journey.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Julia Doctoroff

Salesforce Admins are often at the centre of change within organizations. Whether you are automating a process or transitioning to Lightning, change management skills are necessary for success. A little bit of change management wrapped in your projects will ensure smooth sailing and create a better experience for your stakeholders, end users and also you.

During this session we will discuss change management techniques and skills that you can apply as soon as you depart the session. Once you begin to use these techniques and skills you will experience improved support and positive responses to the changes you bring to your organization on the platform.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Lizz Hellinga Lizz Hellinga

Einstein Engagement Scoring – sounds expensive right? More than likely you have it at your disposal and NEED to be leveraging it.

This session will ensure you know where it is, how to leverage it and some simple use case/examples you can get started with.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Karisa Booth

AR isn’t just for Sci-fi or those with deep pockets, it’s a key technology that’s driving top class self-serve experiences.
We’ll cover the basics of AR and self service, and see how together with Salesforce they provide best-in-class user experiences and business value, with demos of this in action.


We have more data than ever to gauge marketing performance. But how do you connect the dots with what’s actually driving sales?

This session covers how to run closed loop sales & marketing reporting by leveraging campaign influence & the new multi-touch attribution models.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Andrea Tarrell

This session gives you fresh ideas how you can utilise SalesforceDX and the new Salesforce Command Line Interface (CLI) in your day by day business – even if you haven’t started using DX at all. Do the first easy but powerful steps and get some ideas about the unleashed power of the CLI!

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Christian Menzinger

You’ve heard of Einstein Prediction Builder but don’t really know what it is, how it works or when you’d use it.

Attend this session and you’ll get answers to all three questions and experience a detailed end-to-end worked example.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Colin Linsky Colin Linsky

There are many reports that are impossible to build in Salesforce – such as permissions by profile.

In this session you’ll learn a rather sneaky technique to leverage custom Apex Data Connectors to create just about any any kind of report in Salesforce that you can imagine.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Dan Appleman

With features from Salesforce such as platform events and the lightning:empApi, you can build apps that refresh before your eyes with the latest data.

See how easy it is to bring your app to life! Discussions of both Aura and Lightning Web Component options.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Daniel Peter

As the Salesforce platform continues to grow, it becomes harder to keep up with the latest changes, much less learn newer technologies. With the great pace of change, haphazard learning strategies don’t work. You need to optimize your approach to learning to keep up and still get enough sleep.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Don Robins Dan Appleman

Have you ever built integration that pulls data from Salesforce periodically? Or have you ever built integration for Salesforce data replication in external system? Instead of Pulling data from Salesforce, CDC uses Push technology to send data to Salesforce Event Bus which clients can subscribe.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Muhammad Abrar Ul Haq Muhammad Abrar Ul Haq

Salesforce burst on the scene with the ‘no software’ tagline and no need for servers. Now the powerhouse of AWS is edging into that territory with the ‘serverless’ tag, but no-one is talking about the overlap, and affect it will have on the future of Salesforce. Now someone will.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Neil Procter Neil Procter

Creating a great looking Salesforce Community is easy. But, if you think that’s all you need to worry about then you may find that your users can see more than you’d bargained for. Understand the basic steps you need to take and learn about recently released features that give you even more control.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Sean Dukes Sean Dukes

Struggling to balance innovation with compliance? Stop here! The new trio of security tools comes to the rescue. Apps are generating data more than ever before which makes it crucial to keep security in check. So, Monitor, Audit & Encrypt your data with the new layer of security – Salesforce Shield.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Sikha Baid

Do you want to interactively add intelligence to your apps? Join us in this session to discuss Einstein Voice for Analytics, a new way to interact with analytics using voice or other commands.

We will cover the architecture, use cases, and integrations, along with demos on a variety of devices.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Skip Sauls Skip Sauls Chris Jolley

Remarkably few people have worked on Lightning 100% of their time. We’ve spent over a year building our platform, working hand-in-hand with Salesforce Product Management & consider ourselves grizzled veterans working at the bleeding edge of Lightning technology. Join us to hear our top 10 learnings.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Wes Nolte

When YOU look for your next Salesforce opportunity, how are YOU going to stand out?

We’ll discuss everything from the most in-demand skills, salary guides, maximising your LinkedIn, CV tips, references, case studies and our accredited professionals programme.

Be ready for when YOU are ready.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Danielle Ahmed Callum Gardiner

Exciting changes are coming to the Lightning Platform for Mobile. Join me to explore new ways to build, customise, brand and distribute mobile apps for everyone. Learn about updated features that will allow you to engage with your users through every mobile interaction.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Barry Hughes

Say goodbye to changesets and hello to SalesforceDX. We’ll look at how to track changes in config and how to release those changes to other sandboxes and production orgs. With so many advantages to using DX over changesets, and you’ll leave enthusiastic about this new approach.


Ran on: 8th March 2019 Jai Jordan

You are a Trailblazer, but are you also a Trailbuilder? Trailbuilders are diverse business owners/operators in the ecosystem that are in demand with our most strategic customers.

Join us to discover current Trailbuilders, understand their challenges & help design an Equality Ecosystem to empower all.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Karen Mangia

Congrats! You’ve built your app, passed security review and it’s live on the AppExchange. Now what? Selling your app to Salesforce customers doesn’t happen by accident.

I’ll share how to scale by utilising the ecosystem by building a network and activating partners in a way that works for you.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Maritina Tsembelis

Lego is awesome. Why not use it to explain how IoT and Field Service work on the real world? We’ve built a great demo using Lego bricks to explain the Business Case behind Salesforce IoT and Field Service as tools to transform Customer Support on Manufacturing and other industries.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Filipe Freitas Kasif Imran

Testing’s Calling to the far away devs
Now Stubs are declared and the Mocks come down
Testing’s calling to the frustrated devs
Come out of the cupboards, make it simpler
Testing’s Calling now look to us
Phony unit tests have bitten the dust
Testing Calling, see how to use Annotations
Except for See all data…

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Kevin Poorman

Since the advent of Lightning, web standards have evolved and browser support of APIs has mushroomed. Lightning Web Components was built for this modern web platform.

Come learn how Salesforce has reinvented building custom user interface components in a way that is more standards based, developer friendly, with better performance, and in a way that is interoperable with your existing Lightning Component investment.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Peter Chittum Peter Chittum

Digital wellness is the hottest topic of 2019, with major tech brands introducing various tools to give their users more control over their digital behaviour. How much tech is too much? This interactive neuroscience-based talk explores, how technology changes our behaviour and affects our health, thinking, decision-making and creativity if we don’t manage it properly. Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina will share practical tips on how to take charge of technology, and not allow it to drive your agenda or thinking in the age of digital distractions.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina

What is a Demo Jam?

Demo Jams are a game show style event where app partners showcase their most compelling app in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo.

  • At the end, the attendees vote live on their favorite demo (the winner gets an exciting prize)
  • Hosted by AppExchange and Salesforce MVPs

What are the Demo Jam Rules?

It’s simple. There are only three rules.

  1. Your live demo must be three minutes (or less)
  2. NO slides / power point / video – it must be a live demo
  3. There will only be one winner per Demo Jam


Ran on: 8th March 2019 Francis Pindar Francis Pindar Jodi Wagner

2019 has seen the retirement of the old Flow Designer and the introduction of a lightning-fast, clean-looking, and simplified Flow Builder.
On another note, Superman has been wearing a blue onesie since 1938 and no-one knows when it was last washed!

We will take a side by side look at the old and new interfaces, the changes in terminology and new screen elements, and ultimately help our superhero friend get his laundry done.

This talk aims to help established Flow users transition, and newbies get started.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Claire Jones

Salesforce development in the past has largely encouraged monolithic and sprawling code bases. With DX we are forced in a modular way and follow industry best practices around developing enterprise applications while maintaining sustainable development agility. But how can you get to that Nirvana? Come and hear a real use case of a company’s journey into DX.

Ran on: 8th March 2019 Leo Alves

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