Announcing our first Keynote Speaker…

The Salesforce community is full of passionate and technology minded people, but one person comes to mind when thinking about the future of technology and being able to articulate it in a captivating way. If you haven’t guessed that I am referring to Peter Coffee by now, you need to get yourself to an event […]

We need your content!

Last week we officially launched London’s Calling 2017. The website was updated, tickets went on sale, tickets sold, everything was perfect. However, there was also something else that we did that day that we didn’t really mention, after all people can only take so much excitement in one day! That “other” thing was to open […]

We’re Baaaaaack… London’s Calling 2017

Last year over a few bottles of champagne, the idea to create London’s Calling was born. In case you missed it, have been off the grid for almost a year or have no idea of what I’m talking about, have a look at the video. We took a break for a few months, contemplated whether […]