London’s Calling 2021 Tickets

It’s nearly time! Only five weeks to go until London’s Calling 2021.

The London’s Calling team have been busy behind the scenes curating another jam packed event, that will take place on 19th March ’21. We have some stellar speakers lined up and we’re almost bursting to tell you about this year’s keynote. More on that soon…

But now, it’s time for your action. Time to purchase your ticket to join the best day of fun, learning, and networking.

Purchase you say? Yes, there will be a nominal charge of £5 + fees to be an attendee with us this year. We love a bit of commitment so that’s why we’re asking this token gesture of commitment from you.

What are you waiting for? Click the button and fill in your details for your ticket to sign up to the coolest community conference in Europe.


If you’ve already reserved your spot by accepting our offer to last year’s ticket holders then hang tight, you’ll get more info on how to access the event in the coming weeks.

Oh, did we mention about the 2021 London’s Calling branded T-shirt? More news coming very soon…

Can’t wait to see you

The London’s Calling Organisers