Our Room & Video Sponsors 2023


Sponsored Session Room

While you are attending all the great sessions we have this year, why not have a quick chat with the sponsor in each of the session rooms. To find out more about them, take a few minutes at the end of each session to watch their short video. This year, we have a real mix of sponsors in our rooms, including ISVs and consultancies for both the core Salesforce and Marketing Cloud platforms. 

Sponsored Room

As you catch up on the sessions that you missed after the event, you will also get another chance to see these great companies as they also sponsor our video content on our YouTube

Channel @LondonsCalling. Attendees get access to the recording shortly after the event in the event app but all our session records will eventually be available on our channel.

We would not be able to put on this event if we didn’t have the support of all these great companies that have solutions to help you solve your business challenges.

Our Room & Video Sponsors & where to find them

Check out our sponsors and make a note of the rooms they are in so to plan to chat to them between sessions :

  1. MarCloud                                                      Queen Charlotte Room
  2. redk – CRM & CX Transformation          Lower Sugar Room
  3. Aedon.Accounting                                      Upper Sugar Room
  4. DESelect                                                        Smeaton Vault 1 Room
  5. Flosum                                                           James Watt Room

More about our sponsors in their own words


MarCloud is a leading marketing automation consultancy and Salesforce partner specialising in Pardot, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM. Our mission is to bring together the most passionate and competent Salesforce marketing professionals in the space to make businesses more competitive through the effective use of Pardot, Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM. We’re partners with Salesforce and Salesforce.org, currently have 4 Salesforce Marketing Champions in the team, are accredited ISO27001 certification and are trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world. If you use Pardot or Marketing Cloud, we’re the consultancy for you.

redk – CRM & CX Transformation

redk is a modern and highly experienced digital consulting firm, specialising in delivering CRM and CX technologies.


Aedon with Salesforce is a game-changer. An easy-to-use financial package that provides advanced features that you simply can’t get from Xero or QuickBooks. It is based on a simple truth that integrating your Finance and CRM systems on Salesforce is efficient. All your data is in one place.  There are no integrations. Dashboards deliver your reporting without complicated spreadsheets. Native Salesforce automates the mundane. Implementation is quick –   in one VAT quarter  – and minimal training is required.  There are three versions: FREE FOREVER, Economy and Business Class . It is all backed up with a 12-month, no-argument, moneyback guarantee.


DESelect is an official Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner that offers the leading marketing enablement platform on the Salesforce AppExchange. Fortune 500 leaders and mid-sized businesses leverage DESelect?s intuitive drag-and-drop solutions to help marketing teams easily create powerful audience segments, intelligently control marketing communication frequency, and achieve faster Marketing Cloud ROI without code or technical assistance. Founded in 2019, DESelect has offices in Antwerp, Belgium, and Austin, Texas.


Flosum is the only end-to-end secure DevOps, data management and security automation platform for Salesforce. Our mission is to enable IT leaders to manage the Salesforce cloud with confidence and empower developers to innovate. Enterprises around the world use the company’s platform to accelerate digital transformation by making the release process fast and easy, increase developer productivity and remain secure and compliant. More information can be found at: www.flosum.com