A Tribute to Amanda Beard-Neilson

It is with unfathomable shock and sadness that we confirm our friend, co-organiser, and Salesforce MVP Amanda Beard-Neilson passed away on Wednesday, the 29th of November. Our thoughts are with Amanda’s partner Piers, and her family who are having to come to terms with this unimaginable news. Our thoughts are also with her fellow London Admin community group leaders, who also need to find a way to process and move forward after this sudden and devastating news.

First and foremost we will miss our friend and the unmistakable impact she has had on each of us and our event. We are heartbroken.

Amanda is a cornerstone of our London community who we know has helped, and been a guiding light for, so many of our Ohana. Always the first on the dance floor or the mic, she brought energy and joy that is unrivalled. She has provided the social glue and a driving force that has connected and enriched the lives of so many. Amanda has generously and passionately shared her knowledge to help and support others at events, in courses she created or in books that she reviewed. She has been recognised for her leadership, knowledge and generosity multiple times by the Salesforce Community, receiving the Salesforce MVP award, as well as being nominated for other industry-recognised awards. She has irreparably touched our lives, and she will live on with us, as we are sure she will with so many of you. We have included just a few of our favourite photos that convey the joy and zest for life that our dear friend brought day in, day out. We can’t convey strongly enough how much she will be missed.



Amanda Beard-Neilson – London’s Calling 2023

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