Demo Jam Contenders – 2023


We are pleased to announce London’s Calling 2023 Demo Jam contenders. We have 7 contenders, a great mix of new and returning organisations.

Our Contenders

  • Gearset
  • Revenue Grid
  • Breadwinner
  • NativeVideo
  • OwnBackup
  • WithSecure
  • SharinPix
  • qkom

What happens at the London’s Calling Demo Jam?

Our Demo Jam has the same format and rules as the standard Demo Jam, all live, no slides, 3 minutes to show the audience what your app can do. The difference at London’s Calling is we have 2 awards. Yes, you read correctly, 2 awards.

The first is the Salesforce Demo Jam award. This is for the app the audience thinks is the best overall app. The second is the London’s Calling award. This is for the audience to vote for the app they think they are most likely to start using next at their organisation. There are many great apps out there but your organisation won’t have a use case for all of them. The London’s Calling award gives you an opportunity to vote for the app that you have a use case for and you want to add to your tools next.

Who Votes?

The live, in-venue, audience vote for both awards once all the demos are complete. Votes are cast in the event app. Watch out for information about the event app that will be shared just before the event to make sure you have it downloaded ready to vote on the day.

When is the Demo Jam?

This year the Demo Jam is straight after the welcome session. This gives you the best chance to connect with and ask any questions about the apps you see. It gets you thinking about what might be next.

Find out more about the companies taking part this year below in their own words. Also don’t forget to check out our Platinum and Gold EXPO sponsors. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Gearset is the leading platform for Salesforce DevOps, offering unparalleled deployment success, and making it easy for teams to build a streamlined end-to-end release process. From metadata deployments, CI/CD, CPQ deployments, sandbox seeding, and data backup, Gearset gives you the complete toolkit to build a better DevOps process in Salesforce.

Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is the Revenue Intelligence platform that allows sales teams to grow on their own terms — using Salesforce. What can you do with Revenue Grid? Capture sales activity to Salesforce without compromises. With category-leading activity capture and system-native functionality, Revenue Grid syncs with how you sell.


Breadwinner provides businesses, from start-ups to fast-growing enterprises, a powerful and secure integration between Salesforce and finance systems such as NetSuite, Stripe, and Braintree. Breadwinner’s mission is to enable organizations to scale operations, increase productivity, and turbo-charge their RevOps using Breadwinner’s complete and reliable Salesforce native syncing solutions.


NativeVideo enables Video & Voice-to-Text capability natively in Salesforce. NativeVideo users can record, browse and share videos securely, linking video to any Salesforce object and transform the way information is created and shared from both mobile and desktop. From Service Cloud/FSL to Sales Cloud to Recruitment, from Manufacturing to Telco/Utilities, from HighTech to Finance, video can transform Customer Experience enabling businesses and people to connect in a whole new way. In the era of Alexa, Salesforce Einstein and FaceTime, adding another text-field doesn’t make sense anymore, NativeVideo brings an easy and straightforward solution to capture the whole picture, on video!


OwnBackup is the leading cloud data protection platform for Salesforce, proactively protecting you from losing access to mission-critical SaaS data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business – or your life. Offering comprehensive backup, visual compare, recover and archiving capabilities, OwnBackup protects critical cloud data for more than 5,000 businesses worldwide. Built for security and privacy, OwnBackup exceeds the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for backed-up data and is the top-ranked backup and restore ISV on the AppExchange with over 400 5 star reviews and counting.


WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce safeguards the Salesforce cloud environment against advanced cyber threats


SharinPix Image Management for ANY Salesforce Implementation From Retail Execution to Field Service, from Marketing to Customer Care, we cover all your images use cases in Salesforce. As Image Experts and Salesforce Experts we deliver the best Salesforce experience with advanced image features such as EDITING, ANNOTATIONS directly from the record Page on any device. Our App, available on the AppExchange, comes with UNLIMITED Storage, optimized MOBILE integration (Salesforce App, Field Service Lightning) and OFFLINE support. As AI Experts, we support Einstein Vision / Object Detection. We also offer coaching and labelling services to help you in image recognition projects.


Q!365 is QKom’s comprehensive Microsoft 365 integration in Salesforce. It’s a native Salesforce AppExchange Solution that connects to the Microsoft ecosystem on behalf of the actual user’s Microsoft permissions. Due to the technology stack of the Microsoft Graph API, Q!365 is able to utilize any given feature of Microsoft 365 and control it in one way or another from within Salesforce.