We need your content!

Last week we officially launched London’s Calling 2017. The website was updated, tickets went on sale, tickets sold, everything was perfect. However, there was also something else that we did that day that we didn’t really mention, after all people can only take so much excitement in one day! That “other” thing was to open up the call for papers.

Image: #WOCinTechChat

Image: #WOCinTechChat

This is the most important part of the whole event, without speakers we have no content. Without content we have no attendees. Without attendees we have no sponsors. Without sponsors and so on and so on… So this is why we need you! The content is the heart of the show and this is a community show so we need the community’s content. Last year was fantastic with sessions that spanned a whole plethora of topics, disciplines and skill levels.

The trouble is I’m a pretty competitive person and I want to be better than last year. We have more rooms so can run more streams but I also want to make an effort to run different types of content. Last year, most content was presentation based, with a couple of panels thrown in for good measure. However this time around we’re looking for ideas that include interactive sessions, panel sessions, hands on workshops as well as the normal presentations. In fact we’ll entertain pretty much any idea!

How long have I got?

One thing I have certainly learnt from last year is the need for a clear timetable and to make sure you all have enough time to actually get things together. Obviously there’s not a lot of time between now and the 10th of February, especially when you remember there’s Christmas in the middle of it all. So here is the timetable:

  • NOW: Go here and submit your idea.
  • 2-Dec: CFP closes; its only 3 weeks so get your thinking caps on!
  • 9-Dec: We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected!

Anything past this we will communicate directly to the speakers but the date to remember after that is the 10th February 2017 – you’ll need to actually present on that day (and yes, we’ll give you a free ticket).

How do I ensure I get picked?

The only way to get selected is to make sure you submit the best abstract that you can, it’s this that we’ll be basing our decision on. We want to fill the day with sessions that give people something that they can apply when they get back into the office on the following Monday. So make sure you tell us what that is!

Also remember that you don’t have to submit just one idea. If you’ve got a few ideas then submit them all and most importantly don’t be afraid of what you think is a silly idea! It’s a bit like asking a question in a training session; you’re never the only person wanting to know the answer. Let us make that call, not you.

I don’t want to suggest specific topics for people to submit as I think that blinkers people. I would love to have some more really advanced developer submissions to chose from, as well as some more business focused sessions too. My dream is to see submissions that don’t deal with the day to day job but take a broader different view things like; career development, personal well being, team management, project management and how to groom your pet unicorn.

I’ve never presented before?

This doesn’t matter either. Last year we had seasoned veterans, first timers and everything in between. What matters the most to us is the topic you want to talk about, if you think it’s important and interesting then other people will too. We will not be picking based on who you are or what your experience level is. Be brave, give it a go and if you’re selected then we will be there to lend a helping hand if you need it.

So… come one, come all, submit all the ideas you have. Without your content, we’re nothing.