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Event Date: 8th Mar 2019 – 9am until 8pm
Venue: Skillsmatter CodeNode
Event Website:
Twitter: @LDNsCall
Twitter Hashtag: #LDNsCall19
Organisers: Francis Pindar, Jodi Wagner, Kerry Townsend, Todd Halfpenny


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Event Details:

The aim of London’s Calling is to bring Salesforce users, administrators & developers together for a jam-packed, one-day event to focus on learning from the community by the community.  London’s Calling aims to bring different groups together for knowledge sharing and collaboration.  London’s Calling is a non-profit organization and is entirely focused on knowledge sharing and Salesforce Community involvement.

We will have over 30 sessions across 6 tracks by Salesforce experts from around the EU & US and this year we will be including a workshop track.

Within 2 days of the release of tickets for the London’s Calling Event all Super Early bird tickets were sold out.

How is this event different from a Salesforce World Tour event?

London’s Calling is the first event of its kind in Europe and differs from Salesforce World Tour as it’s tailored to users, developers and administrators of all levels as opposed to prospective customers, like World Tour.  All sessions are geared to audiences that are already developing, using or managing the Salesforce platform.  The educational sessions selected to reflect this direction, so there is less about getting started with Salesforce and more about extending and scaling Salesforce.


We have sold out for the past two years and we’re estimating that we will sell out our 400 attendees again.


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Photos of our previous event can be found here:

YouTube video of our event in 2016 can be found here:


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Venue Details:

Skillsmatter CodeNode is the largest UK venue dedicated to technology events so it was a natural fit for London’s Calling. With more than 23,000 sq ft of central London space the venue is located right in the hustle and bustle of Tech City and a short walk from the financial district.

The venue only opened in the Summer 2015 and is a high spec venue with full AV in all rooms and the ability to record & stream events over the internet.

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Organiser Details:

Bellalu Photography -115---TUFrancis Pindar:

Francis has been working with Salesforce for over 10 years and is currently CEO of NetStronghold a Salesforce consultancy based in London. He has been a Salesforce MVP for the past 5 years and is co-organiser of the London Salesforce user group an organiser of Salesforce Saturday’s London. In his spare time he produces theatre productions in London and is a trustee of Baseless Fabric Theatre. Follow him @radnip on Twitter or


jw-e1449784786183Jodi Wagner:

Jodi has been working with Salesforce since 2004 when she drew the short straw and was asked to “deal with this Salesforce stuff” at her previous employer. Jodi has gone from being a solo admin to leading a Salesforce CoE on the client side before moving to consulting almost 4 years ago. Jodi is currently based in London after having transferred from the NYC area. Jodi is also a co-organizer of the London Business User Group and London Salesforce Women in Tech. In her spare time she likes to travel and wonder what happened to her free time. She can be found on Twitter as @jmwagner and her blog


ktKerry Townsend

Kerry has been working with Salesforce since 2005 as both a solo Admin and an implementation consultant. She is currently a Senior Consultant for Accenture Cloud First. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and in the past year has presented at Dreamforce, the Admin User, the Dev User Group and STEMettes OutBox Incubator. In her spare time, apart from Salesforce certifications, she volunteers for MacMillan Cancer Support and loves all forms of dance. Follow her @kerrytownsend on Twitter. The blog is coming, one day…