London’s Calling 2022 Demo Jam Contenders


We are pleased to announce London’s Calling 2022 Demo Jam contenders. We have an exciting mix of 8 contenders, both new and returning organisations. 

Our Contenders 

  1. Advanced Communities
  2. Elements.Cloud
  3. Ortoo
  4. ProvenWork
  5. Dun & Bradstreet
  6. SharinPix
  8. Point Sigma

About the Demo Jam

What is a Demo Jam, some of you might be asking? The answer has to be “a great way to quickly understand the capabilities of apps on the AppExchange”.

At a Demo Jam ISVs have 3 mins to showcase their app to convince you to vote for them so they can be crowned the Demo Jam winner. It is all live, no slides or no videos, exactly 3 mins, no longer. It’s a quick-fire fun session where you will always learn something. Salesforce host a Demo Jam monthly.

A sneak peek of what you can expect

We have checked in with some of the contenders to give you a taste of what you can expect from this year’s Demo Jam. 

“SharinPix make it simple with image features available directly on the record, 20 components to construct the best user experience, automation on images and mobile Inspection App!”

“Point Sigma removes the need for data experts to make sense of Salesforce and other business data. The platform uses Artificial Curiosity, a new type of AI, to find the most relevant insights and automatically builds the graphs and dashboards businesses need to better understand their customers, business operations or any other data they have. The demo will show how an e-commerce platform finds out why their orders are getting delayed, using Point Sigma’s suggested insights within minutes of signing up.”

“Dun & Bradstreet are excited to be participating in the London’s Calling Demo Jam for the very first time ! They will be showcasing their new app, D&B Connect for Salesforce which provides trusted Dun & Bradstreet B2B data to users’ fingertips directly within CRM. The app enables businesses to overcome the significant challenges of keeping information on accounts and leads up to date, relevant and actionable.”

Find out more about the companies taking part this year below. Also, don’t forget to check out our Platinum and Gold EXPO sponsors. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Advanced Communities

Advanced Communities is a Global Salesforce partner with the offices in UK, US and Ukraine. Advanced Communities is the biggest Experience Cloud Components provider on AppExchange and the leading Salesforce Consulting Partner. Being an award-winning Salesforce Community EMEA Break Out partner, we have developed a large collection of accelerators with smart new features that large and small businesses as well as member and non-profit organisations need to use every day. Our most popular solutions are AC Events Enterprise, AC MemberSmart, AC Ideas Ultimate, AC Knowledge Management.


Accelerate your time to value. Elements automates org discovery by building documentation, impact and dependency analysis. It bringing teams together, and breaking down silos of knowledge. It is the collective wisdom. It provides you with the ability to move from Org Heroics to Org Excellence.


Ortoo builds high-performance Sales and Service teams. Our apps help Salesforce organisations to be more effective via task automation and intelligent routing systems. These systems ensure that the right work item is always assigned to the right agent at the right time. By enabling them to work smarter, we help large and fast-growing organisations to create spare capacity which, in turn, enables them to achieve more – with less wasted effort. It’s a win-win. The organisation enjoys better results and the work experience is much better for the employee. Happier employees that are also more productive. What’s not to like?


ProvenWorks is one of the longest-established British Salesforce ISV Partners. With an international team of Salesforce experts based out of Reading, Berkshire, ProvenWorks focus exclusively on building solutions for the Salesforce ecosystem. You can find them on the AppExchange where they deliver some of the most popular, highest-rated applications for data quality management and automation. Their solutions empower users to be their own data heroes through time-saving automation and guided user experience. As they have grown, their primary goal has remained the same: how can we save you time?

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet are a Summit level ISV partner of Salesforce and are the global leaders in B2B data and insights. We help our clients improve performance within Sales & Marketing, Finance, Procurement and Compliance. Our data management and sales acceleration apps are used by clients across a wide range of verticals and company sizes, helping to keep key information held on Accounts, Leads and Contacts up to date and relevant automatically and directly within Salesforce instances. Powered by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, the returns to be gained by harnessing quality data across the organization are significant.


SharinPix Image Management for ANY Salesforce Implementation From Retail Execution to Field Service, from Marketing to Customer Care, we cover all your images use cases in Salesforce. As Image Experts and Salesforce Experts we deliver the best Salesforce experience with advanced image features such as EDITING, ANNOTATIONS directly from the record Page on any device. Our App, available on the AppExchange, comes with UNLIMITED Storage, optimized MOBILE integration (Salesforce App, Field Service Lightning) and OFFLINE support. As AI Experts, we support Einstein Vision / Object Detection. We also offer coaching and labelling services to help you in image recognition projects.

All of your Events, Payments, and Compliance information in one place – Salesforce. Focus on your customers instead of your processes with the top AppExchange Partner for Events & Payments on Salesforce. As the 2021 Cross-Industry ISV Partner of the Year for Education & NGO in AMER & EMEA, we are hyper-specialists focused on ensuring the best product functionality across all industries. Whether you’re looking to adopt a Return on Event mindset through live & digital events or ensure your organisation can take payments quickly & securely from anywhere, Blackthorn is the ISV partner for your #digitalacceleration.

Point Sigma

Point Sigma is Business Intelligence software that configures itself, using AI instead of data experts. Don’t want to wait for expensive data experts to sort out your data and configure your tools each time you have a new question? Point Sigma unlocks valuable insights from your business data in seconds, without the need for data experts. Point Sigma discovers insights and answers in your data, so that you can easily understand your customers, business operations, the market or any other data you have.